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Your hands age just like the rest of you; if you're not already, start slathering them with sunscreen. A topical retinoid will help fade the dark spots that often speckle this constantly sun-exposed area, and will also minimize tendons and veins, which become more prominent as skin thins with age. Injections of a hyaluronic acid filler can instantly and dramatically plump the hands for up to a year; if veins are still visible, consider sclerotherapy (which involves injections of a detergent solution—not as scary as it may sound), to help shrink them. For fast dark spot removal, doctors use the Q-switched laser: "You leave the office with small scabs; about a week later, your hands look 15 years younger," says Karen. Fractionated nonablative lasers offer a one-two punch, minimizing discoloration and surface crepiness.