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Butt and Thighs
Genetics, hormones, and inflammation conspire to stiffen the fibrous tissue that runs through this area; the fat then ripples and puckers, making the skin look dimpled. In other words: You get cellulite. The creams and lotions that claim to treat it might slightly diminish the puckering for a few hours. Maybe. None has significant, long-term impact. Some dermatologists perform treatments that use suction and/or laser, light, or radiofrequency energy (brand names include SmoothShapes and VelaShape), which can effect some change by thickening the skin and redistributing the pockets of fat. But they don't eliminate the problem and must be repeated frequently. Your best options: an alpha hydroxy lotion to remove the dry skin that makes cellulite look worse, and a self-tanner to make it less noticeable.

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