Lauren Zalaznick in O, the Oprah Magazine

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Lauren Zalaznick, TV executive

This tuxedo dress—great over leggings or opaque hose—reflects Zalaznick's preference for neutral shades and sculptural shapes. At 46, the president of NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks believes that dress-up clothes shouldn't stray too far from your everyday wardrobe. "My basic colors are gray and off-white," she says. "My evening look is a shinier version—metallic or satin—of that palette."

If you're long-waisted...
  • Sharpen color contrasts. Break up the length of your body with a stark pairing, like black and white.
  • Relocate the waist. The dress narrows to a deep vee just above her natural waist, then flares out, creating a whole new silhouette.
  • Think big. Architectural construction—defined shoulders; sculptured-looking ruffles—won't swamp a tall, lean figure.
  • Play up the legs. Let them be seen.
  • Go for bold jewels. Delicate accessories disappear on a stretched-out body. Instead, think cocktail rings or chunky, extravagant bracelets.

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