Karolina Kurkova in O, the Oprah Magazine

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Karolina Kurkova, model

"I'm thrilled with my bump," says Kurkova, 25. She likes that her romantic dark teal dress is not skintight but sexy, outlining her swelling belly. And the bias-cut velvet is stretchy enough to accommodate it.

If you're pregnant...
  • Go Grecian. Draping is good; you want to show off your belly, not broadcast every detail.
  • Define your shape. Baggy makes you look bigger; Kurkova belts looser clothes under her stomach or beneath her breasts.
  • Don't cover up. Bare skin is sensual; you don't have to be shy about exposing great legs or lovely arms.
  • Think colorfully. Consider deep, rich shades—they're more flattering than brights or metallics.
  • Borrow his stuff. Kurkova likes to go out for dinner in black leggings, a white shirt of her boyfriend's, and a tuxedo jacket.