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Let's Talk About Hair!
Our September hair extravaganza issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, August 13. Here's how the bold cover look was created.
oprah wig

Photo: Donna Alberico

Tressed to Impress
"Can someone put on the soundtrack to The Lion King?" Gayle King cracked when Oprah donned the massive wig that stars on this month's cover. Though the team eventually decided on a mix of Mary J. Blige and Justin Timberlake for the shoot (which took place June 1 at Highline Stages in NYC), the faux hair certainly got the royal treatment: It was transported in Bubble Wrap and a custom-made, bright pink travel box with a built-in stand to keep it upright. "Your hair looks like Chaka Khan and Diana Ross combined," marveled O creative director Adam Glassman. Added Oprah: "And two other people!"
oprah wig

Photo: Donna Alberico

Oprah's Longtime Hair Guru, Andre Walker, Tells All
Q: How did you find the wig?
A: It wasn't easy! I finally decided I'd have to make one myself. Two days later I was on the set of The Voice, talking to the stylist there, Kim Kimble [she's also Beyonce's mane woman]. When I told her about my predicament, she said she had created a wig I could borrow. Saved me a good bit of time!

Q: What's Oprah's favorite hairstyle?
A: Lately she's really having fun with more natural looks. She has very little relaxer in her hair now, so we've been exploring her natural texture, twisting or braiding and then setting it free! I've been using my new product line, the Gold System, on her because it's formulated for kinky and curly hair.

Q: What does she do when she wants to look polished in a hurry?
A: A ponytail or an easy hairpiece. And some Andre Walker Hair Q-Oil!

Q: What would Oprah never do, hairwise?
A: She'd never go too long without washing her hair. Women with dry hair sometimes think less washing is better. But water is moisture, and products like shampoos and conditioners rich in oils and nutrients add moisture. Dry hair needs big drinks.
oprah wig

Photo: Donna Alberico

3.5 lbs
Approximate weight of the wig (roughly the same as a small Chihuahua).
oprah wig

Photo: Donna Alberico

The Ears Have It
With a statement-making wig like this one, the bling really has to sing. "You need dangly-dangly," Oprah says of the de Grisogono earrings she chose. "Otherwise they just get lost in the hair."

Remember to pick up the September issue from newsstands on August 13!

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