Photo: Donna Alberico

Get the Look: Kohl Liner
Drawing the perfect cat eye can be daunting. But with kohl liner, you just need to know the right tricks.

1. Starting above your pupil, trace a line along your upper lashes to the outer corner of your eye.

2. Return to the center of your eye and this time draw a line to the inner corner.

3. Once you have a single line, retrace the outer half to thicken it.

4. Use the index finger of your nondominant hand to stretch your lid, so you're pulling it out a bit; with the other hand, extend the line past the outer corner, flicking it slightly upward.

5. Trace a thin line along your lower lashes, connecting it at both corners with the line above the upper lashes.
oprah bold lip makeup tutorial

Photo: Donna Alberico

Get the Look: Bold Lips
When you want to go for intense glamour, grab an opaque red lipstick. Nothing says classic Hollywood quite like it.

1. Outline your mouth with a pencil in the same color (or close to it) as your lips.

2. Fill in your lips completely with pencil. (This helps your lipstick adhere.)

3. For the most precise and long-lasting results, use a lipbrush instead of applying the lipstick straight from the tube.

4. Blot your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat.

5. Add a gleaming highlight by dotting a cherry gloss in the center of your bottom lip.
oprah dramatic eye makeup

Photo: Donna Alberico

Get the Look: Dramatic Eyes
One brilliant way to turn heads: eye makeup in a rich jewel tone, such as deep amethyst. The results are mesmerizing.

1. Dip a wet eyeliner brush in your favorite purple powder eyeshadow. Then trace a line as close as possible to your upper lashes.

2. Rewet the brush, coat it in powder, and draw it along your lower lashes.

3. Switch to a small, flat shadow brush. Dab it in the eyeshadow and concentrate color across your lid, from lashline to crease.

4. With the same brush, apply some shadow just underneath your lower lashes, on top of the wet shadow line.

5. Swirl a fluffy shadow brush in the powder and dust a light wash of color from your eyelid crease almost to your browbone.
berclair mansion

Photo: Donna Alberico

Get the Look: Extravagant Lashes
Lush, feathery lashes open up the eye area and create drama. Plus, they're ultrafeminine, exotic and very flirty.

1. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, pumping the tool from the lash roots to the ends so you don't end up with a single L-shaped crimp in the middle.

2. Place the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it before pulling it through to the tips.

3. When coating outer lashes, pull the wand outward instead of upward, for a sexy fanned effect.

4. Don't forget the small hairs at the inner corners—hold the wand vertically and gently brush.

5. Finish by pulling a lash comb through the lashes to separate the hairs and remove any clumps.