In 2005, Oprah tackled an issue plaguing millions of women—bad bras. After the show aired, lingerie departments were flooded by ladies looking to give their "girls" a lift.

Nordstrom reported that its sales jumped 189 percent, and bra sales nationwide rose to $5.7 billion a year…up $700 million from the year before! Lingerie expert Susan Nethero, owner of Intimacy boutiques across the country, says her saleswomen helped fit half a million women and sold more than a million bras after Oprah's intervention. "We changed the bra industry," Oprah says.

As many women learned, the right bra can help you look thinner, but what's the point if your shoes and accessories are adding extra pounds and years to your looks?

That's right, ladies. Oprah's latest fashion intervention targets frumpy flats, scuffed up sneakers and boots that have seen better days. If you bought your handbag in the junior's department or a sporting goods store, it has to go.

To help women in need of head-to-toe accessories, Oprah teamed up with three titans of trend: Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine; Joe Zee, creative director of Elle magazine; and Mary Alice Stephenson, celebrity stylist and contributor to Harper's Bazaar.


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