Oprah and Bono arrive at the Gap.

Oprah and Bono at the Gap!
Oprah and Bono leave right in the middle of a show and drive a red Thunderbird down to Chicago's Magnificent Mile—the city's shopping epicenter. Fans greet Bono and Oprah as they arrive at the Gap, which has gone "red" for the launch of its hip, new line!

Gap is introducing Gap PRODUCT (RED)™—a limited collection of clothing and accessories for men and women designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Once inside the store, Oprah and Bono are welcomed by hundreds of employees who've lined the staircases!
Gap employees and customers line the staircases..

Chicagoans are 'Red'-y!
Inside the Gap store on Chicago's Michigan Avenue, hundreds of employees are decked out in their PRODUCT (RED)™ shirts. They watch as Oprah and Bono peruse other (RED) clothes and accessories, which are now available online and in Gap stores nationwide!

Many Gap products are made in Africa, so in a way, Africans are paying for their own healthcare. "It gives them a sense of dignity," Bono says.
Oprah shopping at the Gap

Professional Shopper
Oprah picks up a new pair of Gap PRODUCT (RED)™ jeans, a jacket and 10 (RED) T-shirts. Then, she gears up for the exclusive first look at Gap's entire collection of PRODUCT (RED) apparel.

"I want the whole world to go (RED)!" Oprah says.
Converse shoes on display

Cultural Chucks
Also getting a "foot" in the (RED)™ door is Converse. These Chucks combine culture and creativity in the Mudcloth sneaker (pictured rear). Traditionally used by the Bamana people of Mali, the mud-dyed cloth often marks life's major transitions, such as marriage and births. Converse found a woman in Mali who handmade all 1,000 yards of fabric for these one-of-a-kind shoes. "It changed her life," Bono says.
Oprah's personalized Converse sneakers

Personalize Your Kicks!
You don't need a mudcloth to put your own stamp on your kicks. Just use your name! With the purchase of a pair of Converse (PRODUCT) RED™ sneakers, an AIDS patient can receive an entire month of anti-retroviral drugs. You'll know the (RED) sneakers by the single red eyelet at the top of every shoe.
Supermodel Christy Turlington models Gap clothing.

Supermodel Christy Turlington
Supermodel Christy Turlington is known as the face of Maybelline, but now she's also one of the faces of PRODUCT (RED)™! As a mother of two, Christy says the idea that a mother can't get medication for her child is unfathomable.

Dressed in an "INSPI(RED)" tank top and olive "DESI(RED)" T-shirt, Christy makes a surprise appearance on the Gap runway. The safety pin attached to her shirt is decorated with African trading beads, which are customarily used in Africa in place of money.

Proceeds from Christy's outfit would help 58 pregnant women prevent the transmission of HIV to their unborn children.
Penelope Cruz models Gap's collection.

Penelope Cruz on the Runway!
Spanish starlet Penelope Cruz has starred alongside some of the hottest men in Hollywood, but today she's testing out her modeling skills on the Gap runway. "I'm very excited to be a part of this," she says.

Penelope is wearing a (RED)™ jean jacket and an African cotton "INSPI(RED)" T-shirt. This shirt was made in a Gap factory in Lesotho, Africa.

Proceeds from Penelope's jean jacket will pay for two months of anti-retroviral (ARV) treatments for one person and help 50 women prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.
Oprah and Bono rock out on an iPod.

Celebrity Shopping
Next stop is the Apple store, where Oprah and Bono are ready to rock at the same time! The iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition holds 1,000 songs and a lot of hope. "It is so cute! I love the color. It's the perfect Christmas gift," Oprah says.

For every 10 iPods purchased, one HIV positive child can be treated with pediatric drugs for two months. "This is fantastic! I want 10 of them," Oprah says. "This is going to be a big, big, big hit."
Kanye West calls Oprah and Bono from his Motorola phone.

Kanye's Invitation
Using his new (RED)™ MOTORAZR V3m, Grammy-award-winning rapper and producer Kanye West makes a special call to invite Bono and Oprah to Motorola. The purchase of 10 phones will provide someone with a year's worth of anti-retroviral drugs.

Hands-free can help even more people. One (RED) Bluetooth headset gives a child orphaned by AIDS hot meals and school supplies for one month—and 10 of them provide a year's worth of treatment for HIV/AIDS-related infections.
Kanye West signs the Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame
Of course, Chicago native Kanye West had to be the first to sign Motorola's Wall of Fame. Anyone who buys a (RED)™ MOTORAZR V3m or Bluetooth gets to leave their mark next to Kanye, Oprah and Bono's signatures.
The newest T-shirts from Armani's (RED) line

Armani's (RED) Clothing Line
Designer fashion has also gone (RED)™! Armani has launched a (RED) line featuring T-shirts, sneakers and jeans. The T-shirts are designed by an African designer, and each one has an African symbol standing for different meanings. Among them are "harmony" and "flight."

Oprah and Bono also love Armani's new (RED) watches. "I like it, very cool," Oprah says. One watch pays for one month of anti-retroviral treatment. "Can I have one?" Bono asks.
Bono wears Armani's RED sunglasses

Armani's Cool New Shades
Bono never goes anywhere without his signature pair of shades—even snowy Chicago! The purchase of 10 pairs of the Armani (RED)™ sunglasses equals a year's supply of school supplies and hot food for a child orphaned by AIDS. "I want a pair," Oprah says. "Can I have 10 pairs of these?"
Bono wears Armani's RED sunglasses

Get Your Red On!
Oprah and Bono's whirlwind afternoon of shopping on the Magnificent Mile helped women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa gain access to education, nutrition, counseling, medical services, and the two pills a day they need to survive.