Crystal Martin

Photo: Greg Kessler

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Rock Goddess
Crystal Martin, 31
Assistant Editor

By lightening Crystal's haircolor to a rich honey, Ken brought out the golden tones in her complexion. Then he painted on caramel highlights to give more dimension to her soft, springy curls. For an edgy vibe, he used a hair pick to add volume at her roots, being careful not to ruffle the curls at the ends. A rich wine lip gloss and bronze eyeshadow make a statement without looking too severe.

Crystal says: "I usually wear my hair loose, but not truly big. I love the drama of making it even fuller."

Dress, Rachel Gilbert, $1,599, Earrings, Mima Casa de Diseño, $2,500, 787-764-6804. Ring, Renata de Dalmas, $355,