Maureen Mooney

Photo: Greg Kessler

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Corporate Class
Maureen Mooney, 44
Associate Publisher

With a toddler and a full-time job, Maureen needs a convenient hairstyle. "But it shouldn't look convenient—the way her former chin-length style did," says Ken. A few more inches of length add flattering softness around Maureen's jawline and neck, and long, side-swept bangs are elegant even when she simply pulls her hair into a low ponytail. (Ken gave Maureen the clip-in hairpiece she's wearing above to use while she grows out her hair.) A rich auburn haircolor adds brightness to Maureen's blue eyes. So does a simple chocolate brown eyeliner— which makeup artist Leanne Hirsh traced along Maureen's upper lashline before applying mascara and a berry lipstick.

Maureen says: "I feel like I had the most amazing night's sleep and woke up a new woman."

Dress, Michael Kors, $1,395, 866-709-5677. Earrings, Alexis Bittar, $225,