Erin Miller

Photo: Greg Kessler

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Grown-Up Polish
Erin Miller, 24
Advertising Assistant

Erin is serious about her career and wants to appear more professional. "Everyone always tells me I look like I'm 16," she says. Ken's solution: chopping off more than a foot of hair to create a swingy bob, angled slightly longer in the front. "A structured hairstyle will make Erin look more sophisticated and bring out the angles in her face," he says. Ken also dyed Erin's hair a darker version of her original brown (Erin may have a baby face, but she also has a lot of grays—and has been dyeing her hair regularly at home). A khaki eyeliner and bronze shadow bring out her brilliant blue eyes, and a sheer tangerine lipstick adds a playful but chic pop of color.

Erin says: "I'm so glad I put myself in Ken's hands. The response to my new cut has been overwhelming."

Dress, Jenni Kayne, $650, Hampden Clothing, Charleston, SC, 843-724-6373. Ring, Alexis Bittar, $195, Shoes, Jimmy Choo, $595,