Compagnie de Provence Extra Pur Origami Bar Soa

Cheap Thrills
We've always thought one of life's loveliest little pleasures is to (carefully) unwrap a delicately scented bath soap, especially when it's redolent of orange flower or summer grapefruit or heady rose. Compagnie de Provence Extra Pur Origami Bar Soap ($10; fits the bill. And as a reward for the ladylike way you removed the packaging, you'll find inside each wrapper directions for folding it into a cunning origami. Good, clean fun!
Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner

Turn Up the Volume
Does your hair tend to get flat when the weather turns cool and dry? You might try Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner ($24 each; The daily-use, sulfate-free shampoo contains two lightweight cleansers (SLMI and decyl glucoside) to strip hair of oil and dirt without weighing it down. Plus, both the shampoo and conditioner use the brand's signature molecule (PolyfluoroEster) to detangle and smooth. We loved the way the products gave us full-bodied summer hair without the frizz.
Nvey Eco Makeup Brushes

Green Gem
Brushes made of recycled materials (like aluminum) and others that have little impact on the environment (like bamboo) have been around for a few years, but a makeup brush that can be turned into that's new. The handles of NVEY Eco Makeup Brushes ($22 to $54; made of corn resin, which breaks down to create soil fertilizers. When you're ready to dispose of your brushes, you can send them to Nvey Eco (or go to their website to find a compost center near you). They'll take care of the composting part and then give you a coupon for 20 percent off your next purchase. Way to grow!
Peacekeeper Yum Balms

Just a Wash!
For just a hint of color, try Peacekeeper Yum Balms ($14; They're 95 percent certified organic, infused with three moisturizers (shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E), and come in four sheer, easy-to-wear, flattering shades.
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

For the Love of Gloss
The nine shades of Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss ($32;—inspired) by Rouge Allure, the brand's high-pigment lipstick—offer vibrant color with a silky texture that doesn't feel tacky or sticky.

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