Clinique chubby stick

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Sheer Joy
What's the best thing about the new Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm? Is it the long-lasting, deeply moisturizing formula, infused with jojoba seed oil? Or the eight translucent, luscious shades? Or—wait a minute—what about the fantastically easy-to-apply crayon shape? Enough questions! Draw your own conclusions! ($15;
Woman with red hair

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Pump It Up
Our favorite thing about winter: cozy down coats and roomy Fair Isle sweaters. Our least favorite: flat, shapeless hair. Happily, we found LiQWD Volumizing Shampoo ($32; just in time for the most hair-challenging time of year. The shampoo is packed with tiny particles of proteins that penetrate the hair cuticle, increasing thickness and volume. The result: one hair-raising experience we're glad to have.
PCA Dry Skin Relief Bar

Wonder Wash
For skin that tends to get flaky in the cold, PCA Skin Dry Skin Relief Bar ($28; for stores) is a minor miracle. It comes in a jar; you moisten the enclosed sponge, use it to work up a little lather, wash your face, then wait a couple of minutes before rinsing with warm water. We can tell you some of what's in this stuff—resorcinol, pumpkin seed extracts and oils, honey extract, and vitamin E—but what we really want you to know is that it will leave your complexion flake-free and astonishingly soft.

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