Coolway Low Heat Autosense Styler

Photo: Marko Metzinger

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Coolway Low Heat Autosense Styler
What it is:A flatiron that heats up to 299 degrees. (The highest temperature on most flatirons is a scorching 450 degrees.)

How it works: After shampooing, mist the Coolway Transform Spray (included) all over damp hair. Silk proteins, castor seed oil, and red algae extract in the spray help hair absorb water (important because the more moisture in hair, the less damage heat can cause). Blow-dry your hair as usual. To get the iron to set at the lowest effective temperature (based on the moisture left in your hair), pass it over a 2-inch section three times. Now you can straighten the rest of your hair as you would with any flatiron.

Why it's worth the price: The ceramic plates and low-heat technology of this tool straighten hair without damage.

$150, Coolway;