Oprah and Reggie Wells

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For years, Reggie Wells, Oprah's personal makeup artist, has been begging her for one thing. No, it's not to make him look years younger or to help him shed 30 pounds . What Reggie really wanted was the chance to help women across America!

What's the cause that kept him in Oprah's "face" every morning? Well, Reggie says most women—including Oprah—are clueless when it comes to cosmetics! He wanted the chance to teach women, once and for all, the proper way to apply their makeup!

Reggie enrolled Oprah as his first student in Makeup 101. Despite some good-natured teasing about Oprah's makeup-blending abilities and puffy eyelids—Oprah passed!

Now, it's time for Reggie to test his teaching methods on 10 beauty lawbreakers charged with "crimes against cosmetics."