A scarf can work as a bright accessory to many outfits.

Lloyd Boston's Fashion Advice
Do you have a closet full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear? With the right basics, stylist Lloyd Boston says you can pull any outfit together in a snap. "If you have these things, you can look as great as me living in your closet," he says.

Bright, gauzy scarves are an inexpensive way to add a shot of color around your face. "I love a little scarf," Oprah says. "Very chic-o-la."

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When adding this extra flair, Lloyd says it's important to balance your other accessories. If you have extra fabric going to one side, wear bracelets on your opposite arm. "Change it up," he says.
A trench coat is a fashion must.

Trench Coats
Lloyd says anyone can create a sophisticated look with the next three basics. The first essential is a trench coat, which is always a solid investment. "Spend the most you can. Get a bright color. Get white. Make it pop," he says. "When you travel, it's light to pack. And you can layer under it."

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Not sure what to wear underneath your trench? Try a black or white turtleneck. "If you're concerned about your neck, gone are those lines," he says.

Basic black trousers are a slimming way to show off your shape. "If you're petite, [get] more of a tapered leg, slightly tapered," he says. "If you've got hips, [get a] fuller leg. It will balance out the hips."
A tunic is an easy way to look chic.

Tunics and White Denim
For the days when you're convinced nothing will look good on you, don't reach for that old sweatshirt— try a tunic instead.

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"It's been around for centuries. Tory Burch now makes it more modern," he says. "If you're throwing a party, throw this on. In five minutes, you look like the best-dressed guest at your own party."

A pair of white jeans will make any color tunic pop. "I don't care if you are 6 or 16. Get the pair that fits," he says. "It will freshen up everything … you'll stand out in the room."
Lloyd Boston says every woman needs a basic black dress.

Black Dress
The black dress is a fashion must—and it doesn't have to be little! "Be honest about your figure," he says. "Find the one that works for you."

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For a daytime look, find a short dress and wear it over a pair of dark jeans. To keep your jeans from fading, Lloyd recommends washing them inside out.

Glam up for a night on the town with a longer, flowing dress, like this Rachel Pally creation. "With a simple pump, you're out the door," he says.
White and black is always a classic look.

Denim Jackets and Black Skirts
Another one of Lloyd's denim dos is a jacket—preferably white or dark blue. "That medium kind of Springsteen look from the '80s? You may want to donate those," he says.

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Pair your white denim jacket with a black skirt for a chic combination. Lloyd says it's important to find the best fit for you. If you're balanced beneath the waist, try a pencil skirt. If you have bottom blessings, try a fuller 1950s-inspired or A-line skirt. "If you're confused about what colors work on you, black and white always looks elegant," Lloyd says.
Lloyd says cashmere is more affordable than ever.

Affordable Cashmere
Once a luxury, affordable cashmere has been arriving on store shelves everywhere, making it a fashion must-have for every woman. "J. Crew makes an amazing version … starting at $39 if you find it on sale," Lloyd says. Layer a bright sweater for a fun and easy look.

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Now that you know what to put on your body, focus on your feet! After years of high heels stealing the spotlight, Lloyd has some exciting news. "Flats are back," he says. "Go for leopard. Go for juicy colors, unexpected. [If] they match nothing, that means they match everything."

Tired of packing your life into one tiny little purse? Give yourself room to breathe with an oversized bag. If you're not sure what color to get, think bright. "White is year-round these days," he says.
Lloyd says to break up tracksuits.

Transform the Tracksuit
Now that you know what you need in your closet, what do you do with some of the fashion don'ts that are still hanging around? Lloyd tackles a common culprit head-on—velour tracksuits.

Lloyd says not all tracksuits are bad—if you know how to wear them. "Break it up. … Add a little sizzle to it," Lloyd says. "If you must wear the black bottom, do a cute white shirt on the top and a fun flat. If you have to wear the hoodie, do a sexy jean and make a fun, colorful kitten heel—or not even a heel but maybe a ballet flat in red."
Lloyd Boston warns women to not overaccessorize.

fashion faux pas
Now that you've got the basics to create a solid wardrobe, Lloyd warns against cluttering your look with two common fashion faux pas.

Number one, stop overaccessorizing! "Coco Chanel said it best decades ago—take one thing off before you leave the house," Lloyd says. Even if you have dozens of favorite pieces, only wear one or two at a time.

Lloyd's other fashion don't is wearing hosiery all the time—except if you work in a corporate environment with a dress code. The bare leg look is young and fun, so don't be afraid to show off great gams. "If you're going out to a great evening event, you can put a little bronzer on your legs or a little shimmer lotion," he says. "So many more products are available today to make your skin look great."