Eye makeup

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Eye Primer
This acts as a base and gives eyeshadow intensity. It really makes the colors pop!

There are two different types: one with a matte base and the other with a frosted base. The matte base will give a more powdered finish, and the frosted base will give a metallic effect. Sometimes you need to apply two layers to get a good base, or you can put a little powder of a similar color over a cream base to set it. Apply primer all over the eyelid and usually up to the eyebrow in a stroking motion.

Eye Liner
Liquid eyeliner can be scary to use! If you are dead confident, apply directly with the applicator. Or you can cheat and use an angled eyeliner brush, which gives you slightly better control.

Eyeliner pencils are easier to use, and there are plenty available that are soft and creamy rather than hard and sharp.

Tight Line
This is great for defining and framing eyes. Once your mascara is on, it will give the appearance of thicker lashes. It tickles at first, but you will get used to it—so practice.

Hold your top eyelashes back with your forefinger and gently stroke a creamy eyeliner pencil along the wet part below the lashes. Start at the outer corner and work your way in. This is a very delicate area, so you need a pencil that is as smooth and creamy as possible.

If you are using this technique, it should be a first step, before the eye primer.

Eye Liner
Water Line
This is the narrow, wet part just above the lower lash line. You can use a creamy eyeliner pencil here to define and bring out the whites of eyes.

It does tend to come off though, even if you use a waterproof eyeliner pencil. So you will have to keep reapplying at intervals. And check that it hasn't migrated to the inner corner!

Tip: Never use liquid eyeliner on the water line or tight line. One use a soft, creamy eyeliner pencil, or you'll be crying for days!

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Tip your head right back to apply mascara so you won't catch the skin with the wand. Give your lashes a nice wiggle with the wand from root to tip. Keep the lashes well separated, and take care not to smudge.

It doesn't matter how many silly faces you pull while you do this—I pull lots!

Push the wand upward for a wide-eyed appearance and sweep it outward for a sultry, inviting look. Sometimes you need more than one layer to get the right effect.

Then, tilt your head forward to add a touch of mascara on the lower lashes to really frame eyes.

How about thinking of brown mascara for your softer looks? I think you'll be really happy with the
outcome. I love vibrant mascara colors too. I like to put a coat of black mascara on first and gently touch the ends with the color wand. It looks funky, different and exciting.

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