Blender brush

Blender Brush
My favorite brush. Nice and fluffy with great bristles that create a multitude of effects.
Angled eyeliner brush

Angled Eyeliner Brush
This has lots of uses. It's great for applying eyeliner along the top and bottom lash lines and also for working on the eyebrows.
Eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow Brush
Great for dabbing eyeshadow directly onto the eyelid. It's a good shape and gives controlled application and good coverage.
Foundation brush

Foundation Brush
I use this every time. There are different sizes: The larger one covers a bigger area and works on the cheeks and jawline, and the smaller one allows more control and works best around the eyes and chin.
Blusher brush

Blusher Brush
An indispensable, soft-bristle brush that is just the right size for more controlled coverage of blushers and bronzers.
Stippling brush

Stippling Brush
Probably the most versatile brush there is. Use to apply liquid foundation, cream blush, powder blush, bronzer and basically anything you can think of!
Fluffy brush

Fluffy Brush
This short, flat brush is good for applying blush and bronzer.
Squared eyeliner brush

Squared Eyeliner Brush
Also very useful for applying color to the upper and lower lash lines, for creating a smoky effect and for work on the eyebrows.
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