Makeup artist Lauren Luke

Lauren Luke is a makeup artist who became a YouTube sensation when she began uploading her how-to makeup videos online. Now, she's sharing her step-by-step guide to creating an office-chic look from her new book, Lauren Luke Looks.

This is a quick look using neutral colors with light gold and brown. Understated for when you're at work, and perfect for when you're in a hurry.

The Palette
  • Beige frosted eye primer
  • Honey-colored frosted eyeshadow
  • Chocolate-brown eyeliner pencil
  • Brown mascara
  • Pale peach frosted blush
  • Matte coffee lip pencil
  • Coffee-colored lip gloss
Lauren Luke applying primer

Step 1
Use your third finger to apply the primer all over the eyelid just above bone.

Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a honey-colored frosted eyeshadow up and down the eyelid, and then back and forth across the crease. Take the color to the outer edge.
Lauren Luke applying mascara..

Steps 2 and 3
Using a chocolate-brown eyeliner pencil, draw a fine line along the outer third of the eyelid, close to the lashes, lifting slightly at the corner. Don't blink! Repeat on the outer third of the bottom lashes, making the line slightly thicker at the corner, and fill in.

Tilt your heard back and apply brown mascara to the upper lashes. Add a very light touch to the lower lashes if you like.

Tip: Brown mascara is better than black for this look—it's softer and blends in well with these colors.
Lauren Luke applying blush.

Step 4
Smile, and use a fluffy brush to apply a pale peach frosted blush on the apple of your cheek. Bring the color right up to the hairline, and blend well.

Now create a Cupid's bow. Rest your little finger on your chin and using a matte coffee lip pencil, outline the inner half of both sides, emphasizing the Cupid's bow. Fade the line toward the outer corners. Then move the pencil back and forth in the center half of the bottom lip, and extend the line to the sides.
Lauren Luke: the final look.

Step 5
Take a light coffee-colored lip gloss and fill in the top and bottom lips. Blend the lip gloss with the lip liner so the line isn't obvious.

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