Alms yellow sweater coat

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Beatrice Johnston:
Age: 39
Occupation: Raw-food consultant

"I hate the cold. I go everywhere with a sweater," says Johnston, who calls this cocoon-like cardigan (Alms, $637) "my nesting place. I can wrap myself in it like a blanket, and my hips and butt don't matter." Fluidity on top demands stricter bottoms; these jeans (Riders by Lee, $20) won't gap at the waist—an issue for most pear-shaped women. Mega-textured knits, like this circle scarf (Wai), are best worn in small doses, not as an entire coat. Tee, J.Crew, $52. Belt, Lana Marks. Cuff, Cara Croninger. Ring, Melinda Maria. Boots, Madewell.

If you're bottom-heavy…
  • Draping is good: The long, flowing shape hides wide thighs.
  • Bat-wing sleeves and a chunky scarf draw attention from the lower body to the upper body.
  • Bootcut pants or flares balance hips.