Outdoors-inspired fashion

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From Runway to O-Way
The Great Outdoors
Rugged-inspired pieces with luxurious touches and fashion-forward designs put a new spin on an old look.

Dark Angel
Even if you're petal averse, the latest florals—with dark backgrounds, blackened metals and leather-and-lace details—are more glam than girly.

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Gray jacket

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Gray Matters
With all due respect to Netflix, gray is actually the new black. The color can be found all over clothes and accessories this season, and it pairs nicely with pastels, brights and neutrals (even brown!). Try mixing different shades and textures in the same outfit for an ultrasophisticated look.

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Animal print clothing

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Laws of the Jungle
How to spot a good animal print? Look for pieces like these, with a classic shape or pattern (or both!)—they'll never go out of style. The rule of thumb: Stick to colors and motifs that actually exist in nature. (So don't even think about that neon fuchsia zebra mini, ladies.)

Trench, Boden, $198; BodenUSA.com. Top, $285; MIH-Jeans.com. Bag, $1,500; KateSpade.com. Boot, $169; DuneLondon.com.
Wine colored dress

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Great Buys Under $100: Fine Wine
Like the drink itself, sangria pieces are intoxicating and give any skin tone a celebratory glow. Try them with colors like mustard or midnight blue for an even fresher look.

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Short boots

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Go Shorty!
I just love a good ankle boot. They're the perfect fall-to-winter option and look amazing with tights, slim jeans or skirts. For a more daring look, try them with scrunched-down socks.

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Matched sets

Photos: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Crazy for It!
You gotta love a good matched set: Wear each piece separately or put them together for the look of a superchic dress. Bonus: With these graphic knits, you can go minimalist on the accessories—just step into some black or metallic shoes, and you're good to go.

Right: Worthington top, $36 and skirt, $44; JCPenney.com

Left: Oasis top, $74 and skirt, $62; Oasis-Stores.com

Center: Trina Turk top, $148 and skirt, $168; 323-651-1382
Plaid outfit

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How to Wear...
The Soft Trench
As comfortable as a bathrobe—but far more stylish—the latest trenchcoat is easy, relaxed and the perfect layering piece. Try it with loungewear for a casual-chic weekend look, or belt it loosely over a dress for evening.

The print of the season is plaid, but there's nothing schoolgirl about these checks. The most modern way to wear them is to mix your patterns. Just remember to keep everything in the same color family, and vary the scale of each print so the look's not overwhelming.

Sweaters aren't just for casual days anymore. Instead of pairing them with your usual jeans and boots, try them with dressier skirts and tops—I love the contrast of plain and fancy in these looks.

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The Shape of Things to Come
Bag one of these babies, and your outfit becomes of-the-moment. Luckily, these runway trends are available at every price point.

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Slimming dress

Photo: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Shape Shifters
Want to lose five pounds, no diet or exercise required? Here are a few of our favorite slimming skirts and dresses.

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Fashion staples

Photo: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Fall's Six Wardrobe Staples
If there were such a thing as a wardrobe MVP, these would be contenders. They're fresh takes that will instantly update any outfit and give you the most fashion bang for your buck.

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Navajo print

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Pattern Boldness
An easy way to jump-start your fall neutrals? Try a few notice-me pieces featuring tribal and southwestern prints.

Distinctive prints in sophisticated silhouettes take this formerly daytime-only trend to after hours.

Earth-tone prints and silver jewelry create a cool, laid- back vibe. Choosing one or two pieces instead of a whole outfit keeps the look from getting costumey.

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Photo: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Watch List
The trendiest timepieces are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum.

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Photo: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Warm Welcome
Finding outerwear between seasons is always tricky: It's not quite cold enough to break out the winter coat, but you want something more pulled together than a windbreaker. Here are five stylish options, all equally fabulous for weekend and work (throw them over a sheath or a pencil skirt).

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