Ken Paves

Behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulously talented hairdresser. For more than 10 years, Ken Paves, one of the most sought-after stylists in the entertainment industry, has curled and clipped the tresses of some of Hollywood's hottest stars. His celebrity client list includes everyone from Jessica and Ashlee Simpson to Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and many more!

Now you can look like a star this year by following some of Ken's best styling tips. Go from drab to fab today!
Blot up oil with baby powder.

Baby Your Hair

You don't have to invest in expensive products to keep your hair looking clean and healthy. Ken says he relies on a few at-home remedies to help clients look camera-ready.

Since Ken doesn't recommend washing your hair every day, the scalp and roots may start to look oily after a day or two. To tone down the shine, sprinkle baby powder on your palms and swipe it over your roots, section by section—especially around the hairline. "Perfectly fresh roots at home without the drying effects of shampoo!" he says.

Ken says baby powder also gives fine hair extra lift and volume.
Create hair accessories.

Instant Glamour

Hair accessories are a great way to add a little something to your style. When Ken's in New York City, he says he likes to shop for antique buttons, which he transforms into unique accessories.

Ken attaches his vintage buttons to bobby pins and uses them to hold back strands of his clients' hair. Two women may have the same dress, but these barrettes are one-of-a-kind!
Side parts add drama.

Hollywood Drama

Ken believes that the key to taking everyday hair to super glamorous, Hollywood hair is all about shine and texture. To keep your locks looking beautiful, allow your hair to air dry after taking a shower. If you must blow dry, Ken suggests using your fingers to style the hair instead of stretching and pulling the strands with a brush.

To add drama, part the hair to the side. "It looks more glamorous and old Hollywood," he says. Then, with a small curling iron, add a few curls around the face to change the look completely!
Bangs that flatter the face.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Contrary to popular belief, Ken says bangs work for almost every face shape. If you have a wide face, it's important to leave the highest point of the forehead and the longest part of the chin exposed. This will elongate the face, Ken says.

Ken loves to create a "Bardot bang" on most women. This bang, which was inspired by '60s sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, is shorter in the center and longer on the sides. This allows a woman to part her hair on both sides. "Bangs are like a photo frame," Ken says. "You can crop out what you don't want to see."
Don't wash your hair every day.

Post-Workout Routine

After a long workout, most girls can't wait to get home and wash their hair. To avoid the drying effects of shampoo, Ken suggests rinsing sweaty hair with warm water and massaging the scalp to wash away dirt and oil.

Then, condition the hair to give it a beautiful feel and fresh smell.
Shine serum controls frizz.

Frizz Control

Don't get frazzled by frizz. Ken says you can keep your curly locks looking fabulous with a spritz of shine serum. "This prevents it from looking frizzy or fuzzy," he says.

Once the hair is moisturized and air dried, loosen natural curl with a large-barreled curling iron. Pin the hair once it's curled for extra hold, and add extra drama with a side part!
A classic '60s hairstyle

What a Tease

As an admirer of the '60s glamour girl Brigitte Bardot, Ken likes his hairstyles to have sex appeal. To get her signature look, a little teasing goes a long way.

After teasing the roots of the hair, pull the hair into a ponytail. Then, wrap the end into a simple knot and finish it off with a simple black ribbon.
Layering long hair.

Layered Look

If you're going to have long hair, Ken suggests layers. The layers will take off a significant amount of the weight, and layering around the face will open and broaden the face, making it look fresh and uplifted.

Layering also creates softness, distracting from wrinkles and fine lines. The key with layering is to focus on what you think makes you look more youthful and, most importantly, feel youthful.
Hide wrinkles with your haircut.

Camouflaging Cuts

If your forehead is wrinkly, Ken says covering it up is simple. You don't have to commit to bangs of yesteryear! Whether you go á la "Bardot" or elongated to either side, the new bang is versatile but will definitely turn back the clock.

As we age our jawline softens and our neck begins to wrinkle. If a soft jawline bothers you, then opt for a style that is just long enough to layer around your neck to take the focus away from this area.