hillevi loren

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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"I didn't realize how much I'd missed playing up my feminine side." — Hillevi Loven

The Hair Makeover
When we first see Hillevi after Ken deepened her ashy blonde into a caramel shade flecked with warm, golden highlights, we think she has applied a full face of foundation. She hasn't; but in a testament to the power of haircolor, the ruddiness in her cheeks is gone and her complexion positively glows. To reinvigorate Hillevi's cut, Ken takes off about eight inches and adds long layers to give her hair swing. "This length is so much more stylish," he says. A side part and soft curls create a chic, retro silhouette—but when Hillevi wants to wash and go, her layers will air-dry into glossy waves.

The Fashion Follow-Through
Hillevi's typical leggings-based outfit ("perfect for a film shoot—or yoga") doesn't suit her glamorous cut, and certainly won't fly on the film festival circuit. The solution? Dramatic full skirts paired with fitted tops in luxurious fabrics. "I've always loved this '50s-inspired profile: It's so polished and classic," Hillevi says. "It's what my superstylish grandmother wore."

The Makeup Update
Refined style calls for refined makeup, with glowing skin as the main attraction. Use a creamy concealer to neutralize any red areas before blending a tinted moisturizer all over. A tawny peach blush creates a subtle flush that completes the understated look.

Sweater, $750, and skirt, $1,995; MichaelKors.com. Earrings, Gerard Yosca, $173; Yosca.com. Diamond bracelet, $14,500; HeartsOnFire.com. Watch, Dior, $4,250; 866-675-2078.