Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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"I looked like everyone else before. Now I look as strong and individual as I feel." — Megan Babineau

The Hair Makeover
There is no hesitation when Megan sits down for Ken's pixie cut. "I've been counting down the hours," she says. "Let's do this!" After the first big chop, Ken moves in with a razor, thinning out the sides for a slimmer silhouette that flatters Megan's round face. A soft fringe falls across her forehead and adds a little height on top. To make the effect even more striking—and edgy—Ken lightens Megan's hair into a bright, icy platinum.

The Fashion Follow-Through
Though Megan loves to experiment with pieces that express her "quirky, goofy" style—patterned tops, funky shoes—she wants to step up her fashion to match her statement hair. "Ultimately, I'd like to present myself more maturely and have an actual look," says Megan. So while this striped crop top and checked pants are a nod to her eclectic style, the simple black-and-white palette keeps the look sophisticated.

The Makeup Update
A short haircut puts all your features in high relief, so keep makeup minimal. A light brown eyeshadow and two coats of volumizing mascara are all it takes to highlight Megan's eyes; a matte beige lipstick defines her lips without looking overdone.

Top, Marc Jacobs, $925; 212-343-1490. Pants, $310; Earrings, $155, and ring, $175, Anton Heunis,