femme fatale

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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"I've never done anything this drastic to my looks. I feel like doing cartwheels!" — Eleanna Anagnos

The Hair Makeover
Eleanna's past attempts to go red left her with scarlet highlights and, recently, a decidedly pink tint. By keeping to the same shade range as her natural brown, Ken is able to create a completely natural-looking (and undeniably stunning) deep red for her. With the color change, her blue eyes instantly go from pale to piercing and her energy from cautious to captivating.

The Fashion Follow-Through
Eleanna doesn't normally play up her hourglass figure and confesses to hiding behind loose, shapeless clothing. But once her siren waves are in place and she realizes "skintight" is different from "formfitting"—as seen in the slim skirt, lace top and softly draped dress here—she feels comfortable enough to release her inner bombshell. "I want to buy a pencil skirt immediately—it just makes me feel like a woman," she says. "And while I would typically shy away from a nude dress because I thought the color would wash me out, I can see that it really works with my new hair."

The Makeup Update
Contrary to popular wisdom, redheads can wear red lips. But the color needs to be a few shades darker than their hair, with blue (not orange) undertones. This powerful red is a perfect complement to Eleanna's deep auburn.

White blouse, Diane von Furstenberg, $325; DVF.com. Camisole, Josie Natori, $160; Natori.com. Skirt, L'Wren Scott, $1,050; Shopbop.com. Necklace, Wendy Brigode, $1,425; Fragments.com. Bracelet, $560; LouisVuitton.com