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How to Wear Jeans at Work
My hard-and-fast rules about jeans in the office: Choose a dark wash in a skinny, straight-leg or trouser silhouette. Don't wash them too often—they'll get soft and fade; dry-clean instead to keep them crisp. Pair with office-appropriate accessories. When in doubt, don't wear anything to work that you would on the weekend or that you've seen your daughter in. And remember: With so much great denim to choose from, there is no excuse for mom jeans!

Top it off with...

(Left) This blouse is nicely shaped and not too long to leave untucked. (Anne Klein, $79; Macys.com)

(Right) The longer length gives you more coverage, and the silk trim adds a dressy touch. ($79; PickwickWeller.com)

Blazer, $495; ToryBurch.com. Blouse, Calvin Klein, $69; Macys.com. Jeans, $70; Gap.com. Clutch, $245, ClareVivier.com. Nude heels, $128, AnnTaylor.com.
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Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Hot Trend
Camo is my animal print, and I love it for jeans—super-wearable and available at every price.

From top to bottom:

$26; Aeropostale.com

DKNY Jeans, $80; Macys.com

Textile Elizabeth and James, $190; Nordstrom.com

Photo: Courtesy of Hublot

I was blown away by Hublot's denim watch when I saw it recently: It's gorgeous, jeweled—and more than $28,000. Luckily, I found this Timex number that has a similar vibe, at a way more attainable price point. (Timex, $65; Nordstrom.com)

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Crazy for It!
If you want a great skinny jean, the Bodycon by MiH Jeans really does look good on every body.

Here's why:

The waistband sucks you in.

No front pockets, which reduces bulk.

Strategic darting makes your butt look amazing!

An elastane-blend denim minimizes bagging.

$215; MiH-Jeans.com
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Office Denim Dos and Don'ts
And remember: No jeggings—ever!

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