Photo: Todd Marshard

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Actress Stephanie Szostak, who costars with Ryan Reynolds in the movie R.I.P.D., tries soft blushes and bright roses every which way, from pretty to punk to posh.

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A fuchsia turtleneck and pencil skirt are the perfect base for a boxy, pale pink bouclé jacket. "The skirt's fabric reminds me of a fantastic pantsuit my mom used to wear," says the actress, whose heritage is a blend of French, Caribbean, American, and Russian. "The hat is a wink to the past as well."

Peacoat, Carven, $2,450; Sweater, $224; Skirt, $600; Hat, Lola Hats, $238; Anthropologie; 215-568-2114. Necklace, $90; Ring, $265; Shoes, $598;