Vera Wang says to buy clothes a size larger.

Fashion design icon Vera Wang opened her Manhattan home to show off her favorite room—her closet—and to share her must-have advice for this fall...and for every season.

"Here's what I believe in about fashion style. It should be comfortable. It should be easy. It should be fun," Vera says.

Tip #1: Buy large sizes
"When I buy things, I usually buy them one size larger because I like the fact they're slightly more relaxed. I'm usually, myself, a 6 to 8. And sometimes I'll buy things even in 10."
Vera Wang loves dark, flattering colors.

Tip #2: Wear dark colors
"I love dark colors because, first of all, they flatter most people's complexions and they immediately take 10 pounds off of you. Who doesn't want an extra 10 pounds off?"
Vera Wang says layers make a statement.

Tip #3: Layers
"I like to layer, because it's not only making a statement about coverage, it's making a statement about texture."
Vera Wang likes adding texture to an outfit.

Tip #4: Pay attention to texture
"This little sweater is quite small and tight, and that's why I love it with a big dress. It sort of brings the dress in."
Vera Wang wears leggings.

Tip #5: Leggings
Vera says wearing leggings has become her signature, but it can work for you, too. "They create a very, very narrow bottom and you can wear either a looser fitting dress or a longer fitting jacket," she says. "They're sort of like the ultra-great, tight, holds-you-in panty hose."
Vera Wang loves short-sleeved jackets.

Tip #6: Short-sleeved jackets
Vera likes the fashion flexibility offered by short-sleeved jackets and coats. "You don't have to be covered from your neck to your knees," she says.
Wear gloves for warmth and style.

Tip #7: Wear gloves
"One of my biggest fashion tips is wearing gloves. Not just for warmth, but for style. And it gives such an attitude and allure."
Vera Wang loves winter sandals.

Tip #8: Winter sandals
"I always love winter sandals. You can wear them in that season right before it really gets cold with no hosiery. Then you can wear it with hosiery afterwards."
Vera Wang's sequined hat

Tip #9: Hats
"I've been a hat lover since I was a kid. When I'm wearing a hat, I feel more individual, I feel stylish, not taking myself so seriously. It could be a sequined top like this, which I kind of love. I mean, I wear it ice skating."
A piece from Vera Wang's Hari collection

Tip #10: Big jewelry
"They look a lot more expensive than they are. It has a lot of effect and you don't have to really wear anything else. I think the whole point of jewelry is to lighten your face and to add another texture and another dimension to what you're wearing. The larger the piece, the less you need."

This is a piece from Vera's personal jewel collection.

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