Ken Paves

Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves Prepares for the Show
For Oprah's Great American Haircut, five celebrity hairstylists and their teams took on a major challenge100 hairstyle makeovers in just 48 hours!

Hairstylist Ken Paves, whose clients include celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, meets with Jennifer, an Oprah Show producer, before the day's activities begin.

Stocking the Great American Haircut Salon
Members of Ken Paves's style team come prepared with suitcases full of the favorite tools of the trade.
These yellow M&Ms match the salon's décor.

Color-Coordinated Rooms at the Salon
Each of the stylists have their own signature spaceand all five rooms are color-coordinated! From the paint on the walls to the lighting fixtureseven the M&Ms!
Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson Is Wired
Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson is wired with a microphone before the makeover participants arrive.
A hairstylist washes Nisha's hair.

Filming of the Hairstyle Makeovers Begins
Makeover candidate Nisha has her hair washed while cameras roll.
Cameras capture the hairstylists doing their work.

Cameras Are Rolling
Cameras capture every moment of the makeovers.
Hairstylists and crewmembers

Watching a Hairstyle Makeover
Stylists and cameramen look on as Rita Hazan's team creates a signature look for one of the haircut participants.

Waiting for an Appointment
Terri relaxes as she awaits her life-changing transformation!
The salon at Harpo Studios

The Hairstylists Get to Work
Chair after chair fills with clients, as Ted Gibson's team gets to work.

Goodbye, Blonde!
Janice gets a peek at stage one of her dramatic makeover.
Harry Josh and a makeover candidate.

Harry Josh Gets to Work
Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh consults with Jakki, an Oprah Show producer, before his next cut.
Sejal and Dannielle

Inside the Makeup Room
Once their hair is perfectly cut and styled, Sejal and Dannielle make a stop in the makeup artists' chairs before posing for their "after" pictures.

Lunch Break
Joan takes a lunch breakfoils and all!
Chevis and Jennifer

Chevis Covers Her Hair
Jennifer helps Chevis put on a shower cap by 1221 Spa Wear and Accessories so she can surprise her husband with her new look on the show!
The hairstylists blow-dry a makeover candidate's new 'do.

Under the Blow-Dryer
Stylists give one woman the ultimate blow-dry experience.
Angela and Ken

Ken Paves Consults
Ken consults with Angela about his plans for her stunning new look.
The hairstylists meet their clients.

In the Waiting Room
Stylists take a breather in the salon's waiting room.
A chandelier hanging in the entrance

In the Salon's Entrance
One of several chandeliers hangs in the entrance to the salon, where the ladies (and gentleman!) check in for their makeovers.
A hairstylist works on attaching some hair extensions.

Hairstylist at Work
Angela sits patiently as a stylist attaches hair extensions.
Deanna waits under a dryer.

Waiting for Color to Set
Deanna waits under a dryer for her color to set.
Kimberly Kimble

Kimberly Kimble Works Her Magic
Celebrity hairstylist Kimberly Kimble works her magic on a client's hair.