Photo: Michelle Holden

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SLIMMING STRATEGY #4: Divide and Conquer

There's bad draping (the sweater on the previous slide) and good draping (the dress pictured here). The difference comes down to cut and strategic use of color.

Janet Rosen, 57, a real estate agent, dresses for comfort, but she didn't realize how boxy her baggy sweaters were making her look. An asymmetrical dress (Zero + Maria Cornejo, $625) is "modern, artsy, and fun" and doesn't hide her petite 5'3" frame: The beige side attracts the eye and casts light on her neck and face, while the navy part fades from view. "This completely dispels the myth that light colors make you look bigger and black is the only way to appear thin," says Glassman. The jersey fabric, which pools at Rosen's narrow waist, couldn't be more comfortable. "It's a good dress to bring on a cruise," says Rosen, "because I could look great and eat!"

Earrings, Marlyn Schiff. Ring, Leslie Greene. Bangle, Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz. Shoes, Charles David.