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White Lie #5: "I'm too pale to wear white."
—Stacy Marcus, 31, entertainment attorney

"I'm not tan, never have been tan, and never will be tan, not even in July," says Marcus. "White looks good only on people with color in their skin."

Think Again:
This cotton-blend suit (Ann Taylor blazer, $158, and pants, $88) plays up Marcus's ivory skin while lengthening her petite frame. (For light complexions, Glassman says bright whites without any yellow tones are best; the opposite is true for darker complexions.) The pops of color from the shirt (Rachel Roy, $295) are crucial to keeping Marcus from appearing washed-out. "This outfit actually makes me seem—well, I won't say tan, but it certainly makes me look more alive," she says.
Earrings, Ippolita. Belt, Strenesse Gabriele Strehle. Bangles, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. Ring, Marcia Moran. Shoes, Ralph Lauren Collection.

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