Glowing, vibrant, smooth, soft, radiant. These are all words we use to describe the skin we want to have, when in truth what we really want is sexy skin. Yes, sexy skin.

There is no shame in admitting it. One of our primal drives is sex. Sexy skin denotes you have healthy skin, the type of skin others would love to have and love to touch. Our skin is our largest accessory, something we take with us every place we go. It is completely natural that we would want it to look its best at all times.

What are some of the hallmarks of sexy skin?

Sexy skin is a whole-body concept. Your skin is more than your face—treating that one area alone does not give you sexy skin. Here are other zones to take note of:

Neck, Décolleté & Bust
Sunbathers of yesteryear are now suffering the consequences of their actions when those hours spent basking in baby oil are manifested in mottled, discolored and rough skin. The skin of this area needs to match the skin of the face in texture, quality and color. One trick: Bring the skin care you use on your face down to your neck and chest.

Hands & Arms
Nothing will betray your age faster than your hands. Again, this area is prime for pigmentation issues, as well as uneven skin and dry skin. Many people suffer from a condition known as keratosis pilaris (KP) on the backs of their upper arms, resulting in that "chicken skin" effect. While this is an inherited condition, it can be controlled through the use of an exfoliating body wash and body lotion.

Legs & Feet
Keeping this area smooth and moisturized is the key. You want your feet fit for sandals at any time, and you should never be embarrassed to get a pedicure. The use of exfoliating lotions can cure a lot of what ails this area, but for those who have feet that need a little more attention, try a foot balm with glycolic acid or even 40 percent urea.

Back & Torso
Keep this area hydrated. For those who suffer with acne on their backs, the use of cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid may help.


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