Real or fake? With the new generation of acrylics, gels, and wraps, only your manicurist knows for sure.
We have no problem with faking it—beautywise, at least. The blonde streaks in our hair aren't from the sun. And we rarely leave the house without a couple of coats of mascara. When it comes to nails, though, we've always left well enough alone. We thought fake nails would look glaringly artificial. But then we asked a few of the women we know with gorgeously groomed hands how they keep their nails so even, glossy, and strong. And this is what they said: "Acrylics." "Gels." And "Fiberglass wraps."

Suddenly tempted, but concerned about the effects of fakes on our nails, we decided to launch an O investigation. We grilled manicurists on techniques, quizzed doctors on safety, and dispatched intrepid staffers to nail salons to test out various options. Read on for the good—and bad—news about fake nails, including...


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