natural ways to fix puffy eyes

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The Best Sleep Position for Your Face
What's happening: It's true what you've heard about salt: It makes you retain fluid, and that causes bloating everywhere but especially under the eyes, where there isn't much room for the fluid to be dispersed.

What to try: Sleeping with your head elevated—it must be above your heart, says Farris—increases circulation, preventing the fluid from pooling in your head and face.

What not to try: Sleeping while sitting up (don't laugh—Farris says some patients have done this) isn't comfortable, and few people can stay in that position for long. If you're restless or not sleeping well, that can contribute to dark circles, which make puffy eyes more noticeable. (Exercising after you wake up also boosts circulation, but Farris says it may still take about an hour for your eyes to look normal.)