Bracelets, necklace, dress.

Photography: Jeff Harris

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Shala's Picks
Choose Mood- Lifting Tones
"Dark, heavy colors tend to drag me down—I'm drawn to beige and pink. A monochromatic outfit can make an impact, too," says Monroque.

Think Cheap
"Plastic bangles immediately and affordably add color to an outfit."

Know When to Be Bold
"If I wear a notice-me outfit, I have to be ready for the attention. I once wore a jumpsuit with a cape, and people were coming up to me to talk about it! If I don't want to deal with that, I'll go with something more demure."

Browse the Whole Store Visually
"I scan the racks by color, then fabric and texture and price. I look for things that resonate, that jump out from the rest."

Coat, Rachel Rachel Roy. Necklace, Xunda. Bracelets, Sobral