Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Photograph: Ruven Afanador

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Play with Proportion
When Isca Greenfield-Sanders—an artist whose work incorporates slides from the 1960s—gets dressed for a gallery opening, she often references that era, whether in a worn leather jacket or with a vintage bag. "You should feel transformed when you go out," says the mother of two. Balance is key for Greenfield-Sanders, who grounds every outfit with one item in black. Here, she pairs a billowing shirt with skinny jeans and rounds out the look with gold accents and ballet flats. "Black and white are classic, but the volume of the shirt makes this outfit. Lines and contour are my language, and that extends to my wardrobe," she says.

Shirt, Sara Roka, Gregory's, Las Vegas. Jeans, Gap. Cuff, Paige Novick, Ikram, Chicago. Ring, Loud Love Jewelry. Flats, Repetto, Bergdorf Goodman, NYC.