Colorful dress, shoes, glasses.

Photography: Jeff Harris

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Isca's Tips
Pick Contrasting Colors
"People know what colors look good on them but often don't think to use their opposites," says Greenfield-Sanders. "Pair red pants with green beads, or wear blue with orange."

Stick to One Focal Point
"I'm conscious of how things are going to be memorialized in pictures, so I tend to emphasize a single strong piece. If you're wearing an incredible jacket, round out the outfit with basics. A pair of eyeglasses can be your trademark."

Be Practical
"As a mother, I need to move, so I'm usually in flats."

Shop Locally

"I try to find things in small boutiques or made by artisans in my town. Anytime you move away from mass fashion, you're going in a positive direction."

Dress, Diane von Furstenberg, Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC. Flats, Restricted. Glasses, SEE.