Tatiana Martushev eyebrow makeover in O the Oprah magazine

Before: Splotchy and Too Dark
Every morning Tatiana Martushev, 34, diligently runs a pencil over her pale brows. "But she's using a blonde shade that's practically invisible against her skin tone," says eyebrow expert Eliza Petrescu, who showed Martushev a more effective way to define her brows—and brighten her whole face in the process.

See how it works
How to use an eyebrow pencil

Step 1: Choose the Right Shade for Your Eyebrow Pencil
If your brows are fair, choose a pencil two shades darker than your hair. (If you have dark hair, go two shades lighter.) Hold your skin taut at the temple, and line softly along the upper edge of your brow. Then line along the bottom edge. With feathery strokes, fill in between the two edges.
How to define brows - use a brush to blend the color

Step 2: Blend the Color With a Brush
Run a spoolie (a wiry brush; your brow pencil may have one on the end—if not, we like Tweezerman Brow Shaping Brush, $12; Tweezerman.com) in short strokes over the entire length of the brows to soften and blend the color. Start at the inner corners, and brush up and out.
How to fill in brows - brush on a clear gel

Step 3: Finish with a Clear Gel
Brush on a clear gel from the inner corners of the brows to the ends. This will keep errant hairs in place and prevent the pencil from smudging.