Photo: Keate

Photo Finish

Would you like the effect of a softening spotlight on your face, brightening and warming your complexion, reducing redness, and adding a subtle, pearly sheen? Yes? Try Guerlain Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder ($170;, a palette of six correcting and light-capturing shades that, when swirled together on a blush brush, create a flattering translucent blend. If you're looking to up your wattage, give this a shot.
clinique even better dark spot corrector

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Lighten Up

When Clinique told us that the power of their new pigment-fading serum rivals that of hydroquinone (dermatologists' brightening ingredient of choice), we cocked an eyebrow. Then they showed us (unretouched) photos of women who used Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ($50; for 12 weeks. Their dark patches had indeed faded dramatically—and so did our skepticism. The company credits an extract from the Dianella ensifolia plant with helping to break up clusters of pigmented skin cells. Pair the formula with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and you'll find the results...enlightening.
l'oreal cleanser

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Master Cleanse

The spiky rubber spongy thing—it's called a Scrublet—that comes with L'Oréal Paris Go 360° Clean ($7; drugstores) is supposed to activate the four cleansing formulas to create a high-foaming lather that penetrates deeply into pores. We can't vouch for how deeply, but we can vouch for how much fun. Washing with the 500 teeny bristles felt almost as good as a spa treatment: We call it a Facial-let!

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