Dhara Naik before shot

In a quest to hide her dark undereye circles, 27-year-old Dhara Naik has spent hundreds of dollars on concealers. "But they're obviously not doing the job," she says. "I get eight hours of sleep every night, and I still look exhausted." Naik's problem is twofold, says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk: "She's using a pink-toned conceaaler that's both too sheer and too light for her complexion."

Finding the Right Concealer: The shade should be slightly warmer, not lighter, than your natural skin tone. Swipe a few options under your eyes—the best match will disappear completely into your skin. A formula that comes in a pot gives the fullest coverage, a concealer stick more moderate coverage, and a sponge-tipped wand the least.

Naik applying concealer with brush

Step 1
Apply the concealer with a small, pointed brush (you'll be less likely to lay it on too thick), and blend only on the dark areas. Don't forget the inner corners of your eyes—this is where Naik's shadows were deepest. Dot concealer over your lids, too, to brighten the whole eye area. 
Naik applying translucent powder

Step 2
Use a small eyeshadow brush to dust a translucent, slightly shimmery powder (like Sonia's Brightening Powder, $10, Target, or Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, $22, LauraMercier.com) over the concealer. It will have an illuminating effect and set the concealer. 
Naik applying black eyeliner

Step 3
Define your upper lashes with a black eyeliner. Apply it as close as possible to the upper lashline, then brush on two coats of black mascara.
Naik enhancing brows

Step 4
Accentuating your brows also distracts from undereye circles. Enhance the arches with a soft pencil, using short, light strokes from the inner corners to the ends. For a natural finish, brush through your brows with a brow comb or spooley brush. 
Dhara Naik's after shot

The end result: no more undereye circles!