There's something about beachwear that seems to lead otherwise stylish people to make very public mistakes. Enter O's crack fashion team. Our mission: Match the right suits to the right shapes—all ages, all sizes.
Adam GlassmanAdam Says: Swimsuits
What to wear after 45, how to find a FF cup size and more. Adam Glassman tells you what your best friends won't. Plus, Adam's poolside pet peeves

Charla KruppHow Not to Look Old at the Beach
Style expert Charla Krupp outlines your shopping strategy.

Black swimsuitBuying Guide
Big-chested? Petite? Plus-size? We've got all the best brands for your body type.

Dressing roomHow to Get Into the Swim of Things
Is self-consciousness keeping you muu-muu'd on the beach? Let this not be the summer of your discontent.


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