Kelly Rowland in House of Dereon

Kelly Rowland in Denim
When Beyoncé and her mom began designing the House of Deréon collection, they decided to mirror the fit of designer clothes...but not the outrageous price tags!

The runway debut of their new designs starts with a little Destiny's Child star power...Kelly Rowland! As the first model down the catwalk, Kelly shows off an elaborate, embroidered denim jacket and metallic linen shorts. Beyoncé says they wanted to put a unique spin on casual attire. "We want everyone to feel special," she says.
Michelle Williams in the House of Dereon

Denim Corset on Michelle Williams
Destiny's Child's final tour may be over, but the group is reunited on stage as Michelle Williams models another denim design from the House of Deréon!

The detailing on Michelle's denim corset is significant to Tina and Beyoncé because it's the "agu" or symbol for their entire line. Michelle's skirt is also very detailed. The belt loops that go all the way down allow you to wear more than one belt at a time, Tina says.

Tina points out that they also designed the shoes that go with these outfits!
Model in a House of Dereon dress

Little White Dress
Everyone has a little black dress, but now you can add this little white dress as a wardrobe essential! Oprah points out that this model has the smallest waist she's ever seen! Tina adds that her dream is to create another line of clothes for full-figured women. Currently, the House of Deréon clothes go up to a size 12 or 14.
Model in a House of Dereon dress

Embroidered Dress
If you need something a little less casual, this House of Deréon dress has delicate embroidery all over. Plus, the split up the front and low neckline keeps the dress looking young and sexy!
Model in House of Dereon

Off-the-Shoulder 1940s-Inspired Suit
Tina says she wanted to make an off-the-shoulder look that's sexy, but not too revealing. The House of Deréon's '40s-inspired suit does just that!

The buttons on this design are modeled after antique buttons from the 1940s era, as well. But, who says an affordable skirt suit can't fit like a designer original? By using stretch fabric to make the suit, the outfit hugs the body perfectly, Beyoncé says.
Model in House of Dereon mini dress

Lace Mini Dress
If you don't feel like you can pull off this lace mini dress on its own, Beyoncé says it looks great over a pair of House of Deréon jeans!
Model in House of Dereon mini dress

Silk Mini Dress
Looking for something silky to accentuate your curves? This mini dress can also be worn by itself or over a great pair of jeans!
Model in House of Dereon sweater and tuxedo pants

Sweater and Tuxedo Pants
Beyoncé says she loves to mix different fabrics together—as you can see on these tuxedo pants that have a sequin stripe down each side.

The lime green sweater has embroidered vines, which are also accented with sparkles here and there.
Model in House of Dereon Linen Pants

Linen Pants
Comfy, yet sophisticated, these linen pants go great with a tie-top. Tina points out that this top can also be worn over another shirt to hide your stomach.
Model in House of Dereon capri pants

Capri Pants
These capri pants, or "pedal pushers" as Tina calls them, are also throwbacks to the 1940s. The cinched waist on the blouse creates a great hourglass figure on any "bootylicious" lady.
Model in House of Dereon's linen and lace corset

Linen and Lace Corset
In keeping with Beyoncé's love of mixing different textures and fabrics, this corset is made with linen and lace. It's paired with a green pair of '40s-inspired "pedal pushers."
Michelle Williams in House of Dereon ball gown

Michelle Williams in a Ball Gown
Decked out in a glittering gold gown, Michelle showcases a signature piece from the House of Deréon's formal collection. This long, flowing gown will also be available in a shorter length in stores, Tina says.

"The shorter versions will be a little downplayed, but they're inspired by these two for the stores," she says.
Kelly Rowland in House of Dereon ball gown

Kelly Rowland in a Ball Gown
Kelly models another show-stopping number that's made from 75 yards of fabric!

"[The clothes are] all really unusual, beautiful, sexy and graceful," Oprah says. "They're really wonderful!"
Model in House of Dereon jeans

House of Deréon's Signature Jeans
What's one wardrobe essential Beyoncé and Tina couldn't leave out of their collection? The perfect pair of jeans, of course! Beyoncé points out that these are designed for "bootylicious" women. The waist of the jeans is darted, while the seat allows for an ample bottom.

The jeans are about $118, Tina says, and they'll also be offering cashmere jeans at a higher cost. The blouses in the collection cost about $100 to $150.