Most of us are dealing with them—maybe because these intractable shadows have many causes. Among the culprits: a sun-induced buildup of pigment, hereditary discoloration, and blood vessels close to the surface of the skin.
To make the problem disappear…

The Tool Kit

Creamy Concealer: If your shadows are blue-tinged, choose a yellow-based concealer. If they're more brown or yellow, use a peachy color. The formula should be creamy so it glides over your skin and won't settle into fine lines.

Translucent Powder: One with a slight sheen will not only set your concealer but also have an illuminating effect.

Dark Brown Eye Pencil: A waterproof formula won't smear (adding more darkness).


1. Pat creamy concealer only on dark areas. Don't forget the innermost corners, where many of us have deep shadows.

2. Dip a wedge sponge into translucent powder and pat it under your eyes to set the concealer.

3. Blend a matte brown shadow into the creases of the lids to make your eyes look more open.

4. Dot a dark brown pencil between lashes all along upper lashlines. It makes every eye color appear more vibrant, distracting from dark circles.

5. Line the inner rims of your lower lids with the same brown pencil, from inner to outer corners.

6. Layer creamy dark blue pencil over brown liner, focusing color on the outer third of upper lashlines. Blue makes the whites of the eyes look brighter.

7. Apply two coats of mascara to the top lashes only. A waterproof formula prevents dark-circle-enhancing smudges.

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