Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Photo: Sally Hansen

The Monster Mani Mashup
DIY nail art can be tricky and time-consuming. But not these press-on polish strips printed with sparkly spider webs, skulls and crossbones, and miniature ghosts. The best part? No drying time is required, so applying last minute (or even in the car on the way to a costume party) is no problem.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, $10 each
Lip Tattoos

Photo: Courtesy of Violent Lips

The Lady Gaga
We imagine the lady herself could pull off these glittery and candy-covered lip tattoos 365 days a year, but for the rest of us, Halloween might be the one night we could actually get away with wearing them (without getting strange looks from the neighbors). Trim the tattoos to fit the shape of your top and bottom lips, apply the sticky side to your mouth and transfer the pattern by dabbing the paper backing with a moist washcloth (similar to how you would apply a fake tattoo to your skin). Bonus: You can consume all the apple cider and snack-size candy bars you want throughout the night without ever having to touch up your lipstick.

Violent Lips Temporary Tattoos in Glitteratti Prints ($15 for a set of three)
Fake Lashes

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

The Part-Time Mermaid
Fake eyelashes may be a standard Halloween beauty staple, but the pair at left—inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting—is anything but standard. Apply this strip of paper coral, fish, starfish and sea horse silhouettes to your top lashlines and impress onlookers with your artful glances.

Paperself Under the Sea Eyelashes, $19.99
Press-on eyeshadow

Photo: Courtesy of ColorOn Professional

The Black Swan
You don't need to be a professional (or even handy with an eyeshadow brush) to get an incredible look with eye makeup. These appliqu├ęs—printed with everything from feather designs (above) to leopard spots—are foolproof. Press the oval shape onto your lid, gently smooth it across, peel off and set with powder. Share a box with your sister or a friend (we like the animal- and nature-inspired versions) and get exotic-looking eyes for less.

ColorOn Professional Instant Eye Shadow Kit, $20 for 5 applications
Clip-in hair extensions

Photo: Courtesy of Sally Beauty

The Punk
Go hot pink (purple or yellow) for the night with one of these ultrabright extensions. To ensure your new highlights stay put, make a side part with a fine-tooth comb. Tease a one-inch piece at the roots near your crown, hairspray it, insert the clip into the backcombed area at a slight angle and snap it closed. Then flip hair from the other side over the top.

Hi-Lite Clip-In Synthetic Hair, $5 each
Glow-in-the-dark nail polish

Photo: Courtesy of China Glaze

The Green Lantern
You'll surprise trick-or-treaters with nails that glow green in the dark as you drop candy into their bags, but this clear top coat is undetectable over your regular nail polish color in daylight. So you can return to your no-nonsense manicure the day after Halloween without having to break out the polish remover.

China Glaze Ghoulish Glow Nail Colour, $6

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