There are many myths designed to tell you how you should wear your hair at your age. Were these ideals designed with "you" in mind, or are they generic rules that we are supposed to believe apply to all women your age? Wow, that’d be a lot of women with the same haircut!

Hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves offers some tips meant to influence, not restrict your own personal style.

Ken says he believes that a woman’s personal style evolves and changes as she embraces all that life has to offer her. "I find that many women I meet share many of the same personal goals at similar times in their lives, and I believe this influences their personal style," he says.

No matter what your age, it is most important to stay true to yourself, Ken says. "These are merely suggestions that I have noticed along the way that make my clients feel confident and beautiful. Embrace the moment and don’t hold onto the past. Feeling good about yourself gives you an incomparable glow that comes from the inside. Respect yourself and cherish every moment that has made you the beautiful woman you are today!"

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