thinning hair

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Thinning Hair
The Challenge: A widening part and shrinking ponytail are ruining your hairstyle—and your mood. While you get to the root of the problem (with a doctor's help), you need to find ways to conceal the thinning.

The Best Cut: Keep your hair above shoulder length with blunt-cut ends to prevent it from looking wispy. Many stylists recommend monthly trims. "You want the ends as sharp as possible," says Chiccine.

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner: Lather up with a volumizing shampoo; look for ingredients like wheat, rice, and silk proteins, which help prevent breakage and coat the hair shaft to make it appear thicker. Apply conditioner only on the ends (if you weigh down the roots, thinning is more noticeable).

The Best Styling Regimen: Be gentle, and don't overuse styling products. One option for thickening: volumizing mousse. For extra body, blow-dry hair upside down and then in the opposite direction of your part. When you're done styling, shake a hair powder onto sparse areas and lightly comb through; it contains fibers that attach to each strand, bulking up the hair.