Pamela before

Pamela wore her hair the same way for 20 years—sprayed tall in the front with a long braid down her back. Now that she's ready to enter the dating world again, it's time to shed her old look! A 43-year-old single mom with two kids, Pamela says she would like to look younger. She's ready to break out of her rut!
Pamela after

Pamela is a whole new woman! Makeup artist Trish McEvoy gave Pamela her glow, and Marie Ferro, Jane Seymour's favorite hairstylist from the Colony Salon in Malibu, California, helped get rid of the braid.
Maryet before

Maryet is only 34 years old, but she's tired of people thinking she's older than her 40-year-old husband. Her beauty routine consisted of putting her hair in a ponytail, washing with soap, and putting on chapstick.

Her husband Alfonza says, "I think she should be sassier, sexier, and spice it up just a little bit. I'd be more than willing to wait an additional 20 minutes to give her an appearance that's more youthful."
Maryet after

Oprah: You want to be starting something, I see! How does this feel for you?

Maryet: This feels fabulous!
Barbara Ann before

Barbara Ann's long, gray hair and frumpy outfits made her look much older than her 54 years. "I suppose this isn't a compliment, but I go to McDonald's and they give me the senior citizen discount—that's how old I look," she said. Barbara Ann, who hasn't had a date in 10 years, adds, "I'd like these fellas to know there's a sexy babe, a foxy chick underneath all those baggy sweaters and dresses." Supermodel Iman is on the case.
Barbara Ann after

No more senior citizen discounts for Barbara Ann! A drastic cut and color brightens her face, while new glasses replace her old, oversized specs. Iman helped her find a fitted white suit that shows off her curves.

Now this is one foxy lady, no question about it.
Caryn before

When Oprah's best friend Gayle King heard we were doing a show called Age-Defying Makeovers she hopped on board to make over her own candidate. The youngest of four girls, Gayle's baby sister Caryn is often mistaken as the oldest. Gayle said, "I want something that is flattering for her, I want her to look like a hot 41-year-old!"
Caryn after

Now that is a hot 41-year-old! Caryn says, "I feel good! I feel like, 'bam!'"
Tim and Wendy before

How about a couples cut?!

Married for 12 years, Tim and Wendy seemed to be stuck in the '80s, proclaiming themselves the "rock 'n' roll hair couple." Their friends Kirk and Cindy turned them in to Victoria Principal's makeover team. Wendy hadn't had a haircut since 1992, while her husband hadn't seen scissors since 1985. Since even rock 'n' roll changes with the times, the couple agreed to the transformation! Tim and Wendy hope their new look would take years off, and make them feel younger and sexier. Drum roll...
Tim and Wendy after

Voilà...a hot babe with her handsome beau! The couple couldn't take their eyes off each other. We could feel the heat from the stage! "I feel young and sexy," Wendy gushed.
Laura before

At 50 years old, Laura has completed her real estate degree and is about to start a new job. "I look older than 50, I feel older than 50," Laura says. "A new look would be perfect for my new job. I need to look younger to stay with the competition!"

Since Laura started going gray at 25, she has been dying her hair herself, and says she often ends up with a "skunk stripe." She also admits that she doesn't know how to care for her aging skin and doesn't wear lipstick because "it rides up in the wrinkles above the lip."
Laura after

Laura's son begged us to help his mom look younger. He started to cry when he saw his mom's makeover!
Christie before

Christie had not cut her hair in years....
Christie after

The draped bang created by Matrix hairstylists Nicholas French and Gregg Potocink gives Christie's wispy, off-the-shoulder cut an asymmetrical feel as the soft layers create a modern silhouette. A gel/wax combination, adds separation, definition and hold.
Roland before

Our producers spotted this grizzly guy on the streets of Chicago and knew this was a job for the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's "Fab Five!" His wife has never seen Roland without his beard and long hair, and it's been twenty years since his daughters have seen a clean-shaven dad.
Roland after

Roland's sister exclaims that he looks like he's 19 years old again!

"Before, it was mountain man-scary," says Queer Eye's Kyan. "He's a very creative guy and he still has that rugged edge to him. Now his hair is textured, it's short. It's a strong shape with a 'fractured' interior that gives it life. Now he looks like a movie star!"
Joan before

Joan, 63 years old, has worn the same bouffant hairstyle for 38 years. Her daughters turned her in for a makeover, because it's time for a new 'do!

"If swimming with her head above water was an Olympic sport, she would win the gold medal," says one daughter.

Joan styles her hair once a week—the process takes about four hours! First, she takes out the bobby pins and brushes her hair out, washes her hair in the kitchen sink, and starts in with the rollers.
Joan after

With the help of Victoria Principal and her beauty team, Joan got a whole new look!

Hairstylist Ken Pavés and colorist Rita Hazan helped rid Joan of her bouffant, and makeup artist Cathy Highland brightened her complexion.