Photo: Courtesy of Bridgett Davis

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Transition Ammunition
Three tricks that helped Bridgett Davis win her battle against two-texture hair:

1. Find a great hair gel.
"During the worst of the two-texture period, a strong gel was incredibly helpful. I would comb it through and then slick my hair back into a ponytail or bun. My favorite was Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel." ($18)

2. Stock up on headbands.
"Wide, stretchy cotton headbands—often in bright colors and bold prints—were a godsend. They concealed and controlled the new growth. My hair was still a little wild in back, but with the headband, it was a controlled wildness."

3. Condition early and often.

"Regular deep-conditioning treatments made my hair so much softer and easier to manage. I often made the conditioner myself—two parts coconut oil to one part honey."