Get to Know Rita Hazan
In the past few years, native New Yorker Rita Hazan quickly became one of the most sought-after colorists in the world. Rita has set beauty trends and reinvented celebrities. She has created the signature looks for stars such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Brooke Shields and many others. In addition to this wealth of creativity, Rita owns and operates her own busy new salon on East 65th Street in Manhattan.

The loyalty of Rita's celebrity and personal clientele is attributed to her innate understanding of what looks best on women from a woman's perspective. Rita's eye for detail and color expertise have earned her the devotion of her clients. And her warm, down-to-earth personality makes her a good friend to her clients. Many of her celebrity clients regularly fly Rita to meet them where they are because they refuse to have anyone else touch their color. Rita has been a personal favorite of stars who are on tour for a stretch of time where they only want "their people" with them.

Despite this demanding travel schedule, Rita makes time for all her regular clients. Every client, celebrity or not, receives Rita's full attention, and leaves Rita's hands feeling more glamorous then when they arrived.

A mix of rock and roll and Forties glamour inspires Rita's color choices. "The most important factor is their personality" Rita says. "You don't want your hair to 'wear' you—you want to have hair that complements your skin, your eyes—hair that really reflects who you are." Rita's subtle color lifts and livens up her client's appearance, and the effect is always vibrant and sexy.

The Rita Hazan salon is a full service salon that is a haven for in-the-know fashionable women who appreciate Rita and her handpicked staff of talented stylists. A full range of luxe services are offered, including manicures and pedicures. The Rita Hazan salon is unique—a chic salon that is also a comfortable, no-attitude environment.


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