January Jones models Grace Kelly style.

Photo: Todd Marshard

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The Golden Age
Gold brocade, like this covetable knee-length dress (J.Crew Collection, $328), is unforgettable. "It's my Evita moment!" says January, poised on a balcony. In the '60s, magazines photographed stars at home with perfect discretion: "You didn't know every single dirty thing about every celebrity," January observes. "There's something to be said for a bit of mystery and reserve."

What Would Grace Do? Keep a Sense of Humor

According to her friends, "Gracie" had a delightful sense of humor that offset her patrician beauty. On March 9, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer (who had just become engaged to Prince Charles) met Princess Grace at a charity event in London. She reportedly asked her advice about marrying a royal. "Don't worry, dear," Grace is said to have told her with a smile, "it will get worse."